The Fiqh of Mu’amalat – A Study of Classical & Contemporary Buyu’ – YEAR 1/3

July 6, 2024

Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to study the chapters of Mu’amalat from Bidayat al-Mubtadi at a very advanced level, focusing on the following throughout the study:

  1. The Fiqh philosophy of each chapter within Fiqh al-Mu’amalat.
  2. The principles that govern every chapter with Fiqh al-Mu’amalat.
  3. Explanation of every ruling and legal case.
  4. The principles behind each ruling and legal case.
  5. Understanding the workings and principles of the Hanafi Madhhab in relation to Mu’amalat.
  6. Developing workable and practical frameworks for each chapter.
  7. Implementing learnings and principles to contemporary scenarios and issues.
  8. Extrapolating classical principles to contemporary practices and contemporary transactions.
  9. Understanding Islamic Finance from the classical texts.
  10. Applying classical and authoritative Fiqh principles to address contemporary problems.


  1. Kitabul Buyu’ (The Book of Commercial Transactions)
  2. Bab Khiyar al-Shart (Chapter: Stipulated Option)
  3. Bab Khiyar al-Ru’yah (Chapter: On Sight Option)
  4. Bab Khiyar al-Ayb (Chapter: Option of Defect)
  5. Bab Bay Fasid (Chapter: The Fasid (invalid) Sale)
  6. Bab Iqalah (Chapter: revoking of contract) 
  7. Bab Murabaha wa Tawliyah (Chapter: Murabaha (Cost-Plus Sale) and Tawliya (Cost Sale) 
  8. Bab Riba (Chapter: Interest)  
  9. Bab Huquq (Chapter: Rights) 
  10. Bab Istihqaq (Chapter: entitlements) 
  11. Bab Salam (Chapter: Pre-paid sale)
  12. Kitab Sarf (Chapter: Money exchange)
  13. Kitab Kafalah (Chapter: Guarantee)
  14. Kitab Hawalah (Chapter: Assignment)
  15. Kitab Wakalah (Chapter: Agency)
  16. Kitab Sulh (Chapter: Settlement)
  17. Kitab Mudarabah (Chapter: Mudarabah)
  18. Kitab Wadiah (Chapter: Custody)
  19. Kitab Ariyah (Chapter: Borrowing)
  20. Kitab Hibah (Chapter: Gifting)
  21. Kitab Ijarah (Chapter: Leasing)
  22. Kitab Shirkah (Chapter: Partnership)
  23. Kitab Waqf (Chapter: Waqf)
  24. Kitab Hajr (Chapter: interdiction)
  25. Kitab Ghasb (Chapter: Appropriation) 
  26. Kitab Shuf’ah (Chapter: pre-emption)
  27. Kitab Qismah (Chapter: distribution)
  28. Kitab Muzara’ah (Sharecropping
  29. Kitab Musaqat (irrigation Sharecropping)
  30. Kitab Ihya Mawat (Revivification of Dead Lands)
  31. Kitab Zakat
  32. Kitab Wasayah (Bequest)
  33. Kitab Laqit (Chapter: Foundling) 
  34. Kitab Luqata (Chapter: Lost Item)
  35. Kitab Mafqud (Chapter: Missing Person)
  36. Kitab Ibaq (Chapter: Fugitivity)
  37. Kitab Ma’dhun (Chapter: Authorised Slave)
  38. Kitab Karahiya (Chapter: Permissible and Impermissible)

Course Instructor: (Mufti) Faraz Adam

Course Duration: Year 1 out of the full 3 year course

Course Fee: £180 one-time payment or £20 per month for 12 months

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