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An Introduction to the Shāfiʿī Madhhab

Course Overview

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the Shafi’i madhab? Seen a Shafi’i qawl whilst studying and wondered where you could check its validity? Who are the Imam Abu Yusufs and Imam Muhammeds of the Shafi madhab? Do they have a Zahirur Riwayah? Join this course to understand the history of the Shafi’i school, its tabaqāt, reliable books, terminology and more. This is a must for anyone wishing to see the Shafi fiqh from the perspective of its adherants. This course will cover:

  1. Life of Imam Shafi’i
  2. History of the Shafi’i Madhab and Stages of its Development
  3. Dalā-il: Sources of Fiqh Derivation
  4. Reliable Books / reference points within the Shafi’i school
  5. Iṣṭilāhāt: Shafi’i lexical terminology
  6. Famous Shafi’i Masā-il and misattributed Masā-il
  7. Ṣifatus Ṣalāh: the prayer according to the Shafi’i school

Course Instructor: (Maulana) Nooh Riyad

Course Duration: 14 Lessons

Course Fee: £60

Course Curriculum


Key Terms in the Shāfiʿī Madhhab & The Division of the Shāfiʿīs

Terminologies of the Shāfiʿī Madhhab & Introducing Imām al-Shāfiʿī

Biography of Imām al-Shāfiʿī

Key Figures in the Shāfiʿī Madhhab

Section 6

Discerning the Muʿtamad and Reasons for Tamadhhub

Shāfiʿī Books and Pedagogy

Famous Syllabuses for the Shāfiʿī Madhhab and Famous Arabic Speaking Shāfiʿī Scholars

Resources in the Shāfiʿī Madhhab & Famous Shāfiʿīs

Famous Shāfiʿīs

Sunnah Method of Prayer in the Shāfiʿī Madhhab

Famous Shāfiʿī Masā’il

English Speaking Shāfiʿī Scholars & Common Masā’il in the Shāfiʿī Madhhab

Course Testimonials

Jazakallah khayr

I want to give my sincerest thanks to everyone that was involved to put this course together and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be able to attend a gathering of sacred knowledge and a special thanks to Mufti Nooh for his work and detailed explanations in a clear and lucid manner. بارك الله فيك I will be looking forward to further classes with Islamic Knowledge

David Johnson

 was worried that i might miss these lessons as i am returning to Darul-Uloom next week, but I didnt realise we were coming to the end of the course. jzk for this course, it was very beneficial and informative. full of barakah, learnt alot in just afew lessons. May Allah take you and the people behind IK courses from strength to strength and continue taking khidmah from you bil aafiyah mufti @MuadhChati @muhammednoohriyad 

I thought the least I could do in return is to show my appreciation and a short dua.

من لم يشكر الناس لم يشكر الله

Abdus-Saboor Hussain
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