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An Introduction to the Books of the Ḥanafī Madhhab

Course Overview

In this unique course, students will learn about the three important categories of books found within the ḥanafī madhhab: the books of Ẓāhir al-Riwāyah, the books of Al-Nawādir and the books of Masā’il al-Fatāwā wa’l-Wāqiʿāt. But we won’t stop there, we then perform a deep dive into every important book written in the ḥanafī madhhab including Sharḥ Mukhtaṣar al-Ṭaḥḥāwī by Al-Jaṣṣāṣ (d.370 AH), the books of Abū Layth al-Samarqandī (d.373 AH), the Mukhtaṣar and Sharḥ Mukhtaṣar al-Karkhī of Al-Qudurī (d.428 AH), Al-Mabsūṭ of Al-Sarakhsī (d.483 AH) and many other books. We also take a look at the Mutoon Muʿtabarah within the ḥanafī madhhab and the important books of the madhhab written by the later scholars such as Al-Baḥr al-Rā’iq of Ibn Nujaym (d.970 AH) and Radd al-Muḥtār of Ibn ʿĀbidīn (d.1252 AH). The course begins by looking at the books written on the manāqib of Abū Ḥanīfah and also touches upon the development of the ḥanafī madhhab.

Course Instructor: (Mufti) Muadh Chati

Course Duration: 9 Lessons

Course Fee: £60

Documents are provided in a downloadable manner

Course Curriculum

  1. The Books Written on the Biographies of the Ḥanafī Fuqahā’
  2. Maps of the Madhhab and the Preferences of the Ḥanafī Fuqahā’
  3. The Books of Ẓāhir al-Riwāyah
  4. The Books of Al-Nawādir, Masā’il al-Fatāwā and Books of the Ḥanafī Fuqahā’ Until Late 5th Century AH
  5. Books of the Ḥanafī Fuqahā’ Until Mid 6th Century AH
  6. Books of the Ḥanafī Fuqahā’ Until Mid 7th Century AH and the Reliable Mutoon of the Madhhab
  7. Books of the Later Ḥanafī Fuqahā’
  8. A Deeper Look at Al-Fatāwā al-Hindiyyah, Al-Durr al-Mukhtār, Radd al-Muḥtār and the Urdu Fatāwā

Extra Resources


Considering the level of depth and detail of just this first session, it wouldn’t have surprised me if you had charged £20 per session either lol.

Shaykh Amir Isap, founder of Zidna Foundation, UK

The quality far surpasses the price

Asim Quadri, UK
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