A Study of Athar al-Ḥadīth al-Sharīf

December 11, 2023

Course Overview

In this online course, through 23 one-hour lessons, we will cover the entirety of Shaykh Muhammad ʿAwwāmah’s best-selling and highly recommended masterpiece Athar al-Hadith al-Sharif.  This book is one of the most important books for understanding the bridge between Fiqh and Hadith. Key topics that will be covered include:

1. The different methodologies and approaches towards understanding a ḥadīth

2. The history of fiqh

3. The history of ḥadīth 

4. Biographies of various scholars of ḥadīth and fuqahā

5. Introductions to various books of hadīth

6. An understanding of Ijtihād and Taqlīd

The book will be read in class and students will be provided with resources, books and documents to help understand important concepts.


Course Instructor: (Mufti) Muadh Chati

Course Duration: 23 Lessons

Course Fee: £60

All documents/PowerPoints will be provided in a downloadable format

Course Curriculum

The Life of Shaykh Muḥammad ʿAwwāmah

The Difference in the Methodology of the Fuqahā

The Life and Views of Shaykh Nāṣir al-Dīn al-Albānī

A Study of Athar al-Ḥadīth al-Sharīf

Snippet of the Course


I’ve benefited greatly through this course so far- the approach to dealing with Hadith in our tradition is far clearer to me now alhamdulillah. There isn’t much focus on Ulum al-Hadith in the Alimiyya course which in my opinion leaves students lacking in understanding of how to approach Hadith. Would highly recommend for advanced Alimiyya students/graduates. Lessons are jam packed with useful knowledge and delivered very professionally. It’s evident a lot of research and effort has gone behind each presentation . May Allah put Barakah in this endeavour – Jazakumullah khayr


السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Mufti Sahib, due to time zone differences, I haven’t been able to attend the Athar Al-Hadith classes. However, Alhumdulillah I have been keeping up with the recordings and have them very beneficial, insightful, and balanced MashaAllah. 

May Allah Ta’ala continue to increase your Ilm Nafi’ and Ikhlas

Haneefuddin, USA

This course on Athar Al-Hadīth Al-Sharīf has been amazing so far and once we get into the kitaab I’m sure it will only get better! So many aspects of this course and your style of teaching in general that I love, which I wish other teachers utilised. Just to name two huge ones:

The sheer amount of references and citations shows high levels of research and اطلاع on books and scholars. Very rare for something to not be referenced. Teaches us lots of sources.

The critical yet fair and balanced approach of looking at the view/statements of all scholars, whether they are those who may be from our own backgrounds or those who are from other backgrounds. Giving everyone their due right and respect for their contributions to Deen regardless of whether we agree with everything they say or not. Many scholars and teachers write someone off immediately if they disagree with a single view of theirs. Here we learn that all sincere scholars have something to offer, so take the good and leave what you don’t agree with. This open minded, yet balanced and grounded approach is very much appreciated, and I think the one thing I’ve gained and learnt the most from this course so far is أدب الاختلاف – respect other opinions. Be respectful of other people and their views even if you don’t agree with everything. 

May Allah accept and grant barakah. Aameen.

Adam Ayyub, UK

Assalamualaikum Sheikh

Your class is so much beneficial I fight with my sleep and work schedule to attend the live session. Masha allah your way of viewing the opposite camp is unique and more cultured which is the must take away from this course the adab of expressing differences

Muhammad Irfan, India

AsSalaamu Alaykum dearest Mufti. 

Your informed, well-researched & critical course thus far has academically unpacked and contextualised the differences between the ahl al-ra’y vis-à-vis the ahl al-hadith. I am beginning to appreciate the overlap between reason and revelation through a formative study of our Islamic intellectual thought. 

Your prelude has been invaluable and, I’d have to admit: it’ll take me a few times to listen to the recordings before I can fully appreciate and understand your research. 

وفقكم الله ونفع الله بكم الإسلام والمسلمين!

Mohammed Umar, UK

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