The Ultimate Ḥajj & ʿUmrah Course – A Ḥajj & ʿUmrah with the Prophet Ṣallallahu ʿAlayhi Wasallam

May 20, 2024

Course Overview

In this unique course, consisting of 11 lessons with detailed PowerPoints, students will embark on the journey of ʿumrah and ḥajj with the Prophet ṣallallahu ʿalayhi wasallam. By retracing those blessed steps taken by the Prophet ṣallallahu ʿalayhi wasallam in the performance of ʿumrah and ḥajj, this course teaches us the wisdoms, beauty and virtues of performing ʿumrah and ḥajj. We then study the ʿumrah and ḥajj of the Prophet ṣallallahu ʿalayhi wasallam himself as well as the fiqhi rulings involved in ʿumrah and ḥajj according to the ḥanafī madhhab. Based upon multiple sources, the course is fully referenced to books of ḥadīth, fiqh and tafsīr and is the ideal course companion for anyone performing ḥajj or ʿumrah.

Course instructor: (Mufti) Zayd Imran & (Mufti) Muadh Chati

Course Duration: 11 Lessons

Course Fee: £15

All documents/powerpoints will be provided in a downloadable format

Sample Lesson



Honestly a brilliant course. Nice and slow, easy to follow, small bite size chunks and very informative 

I think doing the history of the prophets Hajj is also a lovely touch at the end.

May Allah SWT give you the ability to continue to do this for aspiring Hujjaj again and again

My only bit of feedback was there was quite a bit of duplication and at times what was being spoken about was different to the slide on the screen share. Maybe just need to follow the slides through and anything not important to discuss to just move to an appendix at the end where people can read in their own time 

Other than that jzk and well worth the money invested

Shaif Manya – May 17th 2024


Firstly, a big jazakallahu khayran for putting this course together. 

It has been brilliant, really well thought out and put together in a way that can be digested in the most effective way. 

I was only able to participate live in the first couple of sessions however, I have been listening to the recordings which have also been tremendously beneficial as I can rewind certain things. 

We thank both Mufti Muadh sb and Mufti Zayd sb. May Allah ta’ala enable us to benefit from them and may Allah ta’ala allow their work to continue with afiyah and acceptance.

Faisal Akram – May 17th 2024

Salam’s, my thoughts on this course.

Alhumdullilah I want to say Jzk to both of our leaders Mufti Zayd and Mufti Muadh.

From the bottom of my heart, I first felt nervous, anxious and a little overwhelmed once we booked. But throughout these sessions, 

Alhumdullilah, I feel excited, elevated and confident for the journey ahead. 

Jzk from myself and family. 

Jzk for making the webinar, really interesting, easy and welcoming. Im looking forward to reading the profound supplications book and IA join the dots on everything you have taught. 

May Allah SWT elevate you both and your families in Jannah. 

Please continue to remember us in your special duas. We will ofcourse be doing the same. 🤍


Zakarya Chati – 17th May 2024

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